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Increase Your Website Organic Search Results

Charleston SEOIn order to increase the organic search results for your website, you have to be willing to stop with all the short-term gimmicks that most people are utilizing to see minimal results. Buying likes, shares, or views, paying for back-links, or any of these practices that promise to drive traffic to your sites in a short time can cause more damage than you might realize. If Google suspects you are trying to game the system, you lose your ranking, you sink to the bottom of page results, and you could even get blacklisted.

Consider these ways to naturally increase your websites organic search result from the Charleston SEO experts at;

1. The key to getting found online is the keywords you use in your content. If you are using the most popular keywords, you fight millions of others and usually wind up out of sight of your audience. The name of the game is finding relevant keywords that get decent traffic but are low in competition, this will increase your organic search standings.

2. Now that you have identified those long-tail keywords, you have to add them to the website correctly. Keyword bombing one page in your website won’t work, you need to choose one at a time, write an article about that content, then place it on the website. Now when the search engines find that article, you get traffic to that page, and now you have to engage the visitor to get them to take the desired actions.

3. One of the things you must get familiar with on your website is the meta fields. Now that you added an optimized article or content, you have to get into the admin of the website and add information into the meta title, description, and keyword fields. This is how the search engine spiders find your content and rank your pages.

4. Once you get the ball rolling, the biggest mistake many website owners make is stopping when they just had things going along perfectly. To avoid the website and content getting stale, you must add fresh and relevant content daily. Writing a 500 word article around one of those keywords should take 15 minutes at most. Each time you add an article, you increase your organic search standing.

There you have it, the simple keys to increasing your organic search standings in the easiest possible manner. Develop this habit and in just a few months you will look back in amazement how high your website has climbed the rankings.